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James Bond 007 Daniel Craig in Casino Royale Finale 1/6 custom figure

Here’s a simple custom figure of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 in the finale of Casino Royale (or opening of Quantum of Solace).

Even though Quantum of Solace is supposed to pick up immediately from the ending of Casino Royale, the filmmakers changed suit providers between films, so the style of Bond’s suit actually changed. I’ve chosen a 1:6 suit that is a hybrid of both: 3-piece dark navy pinstripe like from Casino Royale, but with a very fitted, modern cut like from Quantum.

(click images to enlarge)

The “lake cuomo villa steps” stand / base is the very first base I ever sculpted, even before the Conan the Barbarian base I posted over a year ago. I was never happy with it (the steps are too curved), but it’ll do for now. I still need to add a Casino Royale label onto it!

The HK UMP weapon is made from Dragon Models parts, then given a repaint. I’m pleased with how the metallic texture came out on the silencer, but not so much the body of the weapon. I know the body is supposed to be a polymer, but without the metal effect it just comes out looking plastic toy-like.

And finally, here it is on my shelf of suited killers. I think it’s time to get more shelves..

Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Fast and Furious’ Agent Hobbs 12″ Figure

Here’s a 12″ custom figure of DSS Agent Hobbs aka Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock from the 2011 film, Fast Five.  The Rock was the best thing about the movie and helped revitalize the entire The Fast & The Furious franchise. He also played the same character to great effect in the sequels, Furious 6 and Furious 7.

I used Hot Toys’ 1/6th G.I. Joe Retaliation Roadblock figure as a base.  Unfortunately, Hot Toys gave that figure a much thinner neck and body than the real Dwayne Johnson in order to fit the body armor & clothing better.  So for my figure, I had to modify the body proportions to better match The Rock’s huge, muscular physique.

The holster was designed in a 3D CAD program and printed it at Shapeways. It came out perfectly! It fits the pistol down to the milimeter — I’m amazed at the precision of computer aided design! If you care about such things, the holster is a Safariland Model 002 “Cup Challenge” Competition Holster and the revolver is a Dan Wesson PPC .357.

Head: Hot Toys (lengthened beard to match Fast Five goatee)
Body: Hot Toys (widened neck, added traps & lats, made taller)
Shirt: Ebay
Pants: Very Hot (lowered waist by 1/2″, took in all seams)
Boots: DAMToy
Pistol: Sideshow
Holster: Custom 3D Printed Safariland Model 002 “Cup Challenge” Competition Holster
Gloves: Sideshow (converted to fingerless, change angle of trigger hand)
DSS Badge: Dragon Models DML

therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_00b therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_04_goateetherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_03 therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_07_pistoltherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_02therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_08_holstertherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_09_modstherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_05_bodytherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_00therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_10_height

The Punisher 12″ Custom Figure Frank Castle

Here’s a custom figure of Frank Castle aka The Punisher from the superb PUNISHER MAX comic series. I wanted to emulate artist Goran Parlov’s highly-detailed “cartoony yet serious” art style. Parlov also gave The Punisher a stripped down, hulking and weather beaten look. It’s a nice contrast to The Punisher’s usual look where he’s loaded down with weapons and gear.

I first posted this figure in 2010, but reworked it over and over until 2013. Needless to say, a lot of customization went into this 1:6-scale figure. The head is from DC Deluxe Green Lantern, but shrunk down slightly and with newly sculpted hair. The body is a combination of Marvel rotocast figures and DC Deluxe arms, plus a lower body from DID. The shirt is handmade and sprayed, while the jeans were dyed black and weathered. The M60 machinegun is an old 21st Century Toys or Barrack Sergeant piece which was repainted and weathered.













From Dusk Til Dawn Seth Gecko (George Clooney) 12″ Custom Action Figure 1:6 Scale

George Clooney’s first major Hollywood film was also one of his best: 1996’s From Dusk Till Dawn co-starring Quentin Tarantino and directed by Robert Rodrigues (Desperado, Sin City).   I’ve wanted a 1:6 scale action figure from it ever since I saw it – over 15 years ago!  My skills and the availability of civvie parts in this hobby have both finally progressed to the point where I can create a figure that doesn’t look like total crap.   I find it surprising that 1:6 manufacturers still haven’t created a great George Clooney sculpt.  For my custom figure, I used a head from an old Three Kings headsculpt set and customized it to look more like the young Dusk Til Dawn Seth Gecko Clooney.   It could still be better, but it will have to do for now.

Apologies for the vanilla pix. One day I’ll make a base for this and try to shoot something tricked out as is the fashion now.

Body: Triad EVO — Neck lengthened (This is an underrated figure! No other smooth arm bod has its range of articulation!)
Head: Three Kings Clooney + Wahlberg 2-pack set– De-aged, sculpted new hairdo
Gun: Intoyz Cold Python — Turned into shorty Astra-Unceta Terminator
Vest: Art Figures — dyed
Wife Beater: Mattel Ken — Yes!!
Pants: Unknown suit — definitely came from one of the contemporary over-priced ones
Cowboy Boots: Triad — repainted and weathered

12″ Head Sculpt Repaints – Quantum of Solace 007 Daniel Craig & Blood Diamond DiCaprio

Finally found some time to work on figures. I wanted to practice my blonde hair painting technique as I find that hair colour very hard to capture.

Both of these happen to be Feng headsculpts released commercially with terrible paint jobs. I stripped the paint off and repainted with Liquitex acrylics (truly loads better than the cheap craft paints – Try them). Feng’s sculpts can border on caricature, but to me that just gives them more character and feel than other more accurate but conservative portraits.

First up is 12″ action figure of Daniel Craig as James Bond in Quantum Of Solace.  The original head sculpt came from the Toys City Gestapo 12″ figure set.


quantumbond_faceright quantumbond_faceleft



Second is Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer in Blood Diamond. The headsculpt is from the Toymaster War Journalist 12″ figure set. The eyes are moveable and I almost destroyed them painting, stripping and repainting them 4 times (seriously). In the end, the eye paint ended up looking almost the same as the factory eye paint.

He still needs weathering and a weapon upgrade courtesy of Subway’s 24 Hero set (can’t wait for that fig).

blooddiamond_figure blooddiamond_face


Bad Boys 2 Will Smith & Martin Lawrence Custom 12″ Action Figures

I kind of love the 2003 film, Bad Boys 2. Director Michael Bay (Transformers) was able to secure a $130 million budget and Will Smith – the biggest movie star on the planet at the time – to make a foul, outrageous, and wildly un-PC videogame come to life.  Bay has gone on record saying that he was playing a lot of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the Playstation at the time, and the movie clearly borrows from it as well as the likes of Jackie Chan, John Woo, and even Bay’s own movies. It’s the ultimate MTV overkill action movie.

bad boys 2 custom action figures 12 inch 1:6 scale weathering

Anyways, I’ve always wanted figures of supercops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, played by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Dragon Models released a set around the time the movie came out, but it left a lot to be desired. I tried making figures in the past, but my skills weren’t up to the task. However, I gave weathering a try recently and it’s really opened up some doors for me. For military looking action figures, it just makes such a huge difference.

Please have a look and let me know what you think!

bad boys 2 will smith & martin lawrence custom action figures 12 inch 1:6 scale

bad boys 2 custom action figures mike lowrey marcus burnett 12 inch 1:6 scale bad boys 2 custom action figures martin lawrence face 12 inch 1:6 scale
Martin Lawrence’s Heckler and Koch G36 assault rilfe is from a Japanese Gashapon set ordered from Hobby Link Japan.  It was shiny black with metal highlights which made no sense as the real G36 assault rifle is a a matte black polymer. So I repainted (still trying to figure out how to do weapon weathering right!) it. I also drilled holes to insert Dragon optics & added a red lens on that.

bad boys 2 martin lawrence custom action figures 12 inch 1:6 scale
bad boys 2 custom action figures martin lawrence g36 gun rifle 12 inch 1:6 scale

Will Smith left leg drop down pouch was constructed by combining pieces from Dragon’s SDU figure and pouches from BBI’s Elite Force Terminate Scar figure.
bad boys 2 custom action figures 12 inch 1:6 scale gear webbing


Will Smith kneepads. 2nd time weathering kneepads. After doing the Martin Lawrence kneepads, I tried to tone it way down and I think they look better that way.
bad boys 2 custom action figures 12 inch 1:6 scale knee pads



Poster shot! I couldn’t decide on which one to use. I think the all blue (bottom right) looks best, but orange fits the tropical, energetic theme and Miami style of the movies. Which one do you prefer?
bad boys 2 custom action figures 12 inch 1:6 scale