Haohmaru – 1:6 action figure custom – Samurai Shodown

Here’s a custom 1/6th scale figure of Haohmaru from the famous 16-bit videogame series by SNK, Samurai Shodown (aka Samurai Spirits). Without question, Sam Sho is my fave fighting game series of the 16-bit videogame era. The supreme pixel art, the music, the mood and the overall style were just unbeatable for their day and still hold up nowadays. Here’s my tribute to the hero of the series, Haohmaru.

In terms of visual style, I wanted to mimic the original Samurai Shodown concept art which has an “anime yet still somewhat realistic” style.

I made the clothes and sculpted the base. The head is a recast of a Medicom superhero head but with new sculpting to give the Haohmaru feel.

haohmaru samurai shodown custom figure 1
Behind the scemes. Sculpted on hair and rescullpted the expression.

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