James Bond 007 Daniel Craig in Casino Royale Finale 1/6 custom figure

Here’s a simple custom figure of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 in the finale of Casino Royale (or opening of Quantum of Solace).

Even though Quantum of Solace is supposed to pick up immediately from the ending of Casino Royale, the filmmakers changed suit providers between films, so the style of Bond’s suit actually changed. I’ve chosen a 1:6 suit that is a hybrid of both: 3-piece dark navy pinstripe like from Casino Royale, but with a very fitted, modern cut like from Quantum.

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The “lake cuomo villa steps” stand / base is the very first base I ever sculpted, even before the Conan the Barbarian base I posted over a year ago. I was never happy with it (the steps are too curved), but it’ll do for now. I still need to add a Casino Royale label onto it!

The HK UMP weapon is made from Dragon Models parts, then given a repaint. I’m pleased with how the metallic texture came out on the silencer, but not so much the body of the weapon. I know the body is supposed to be a polymer, but without the metal effect it just comes out looking plastic toy-like.

And finally, here it is on my shelf of suited killers. I think it’s time to get more shelves..

8 thoughts on “James Bond 007 Daniel Craig in Casino Royale Finale 1/6 custom figure”

  1. I would appreciate that if you could let me know where could buy this Daniel Craig’s head sculpt?

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hi, where did yoj buy that head sculpt of Daniel Craig.
    I want to buy the same one, thanks.

    Best regards

  3. Hi there,

    I want to make a custom Casino Royale figure just like yours. Can you help me with where you got all your parts? Alternatively, if you are selling your figure, I can consider that too. Any help would be much appreciated 🙂

  4. Thanks for all of the comments, all. The suit was by VeryCool. I forget the manufacturer of the headsculpt (I retouched the painting a bit on it, but it looked great with the stock paint, too). Unfortunately, it went out of print years ago. Fortunately, you can get knockoffs of it on Ebay from time to time or find other pretty good Daniel Craig sculpts there.

    The figure is not for sale.

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