12″ Head Sculpt Repaints – Quantum of Solace 007 Daniel Craig & Blood Diamond DiCaprio

Finally found some time to work on figures. I wanted to practice my blonde hair painting technique as I find that hair colour very hard to capture.

Both of these happen to be Feng headsculpts released commercially with terrible paint jobs. I stripped the paint off and repainted with Liquitex acrylics (truly loads better than the cheap craft paints – Try them). Feng’s sculpts can border on caricature, but to me that just gives them more character and feel than other more accurate but conservative portraits.

First up is 12″ action figure of Daniel Craig as James Bond in Quantum Of Solace.  The original head sculpt came from the Toys City Gestapo 12″ figure set.


quantumbond_faceright quantumbond_faceleft



Second is Leonardo DiCaprio as Danny Archer in Blood Diamond. The headsculpt is from the Toymaster War Journalist 12″ figure set. The eyes are moveable and I almost destroyed them painting, stripping and repainting them 4 times (seriously). In the end, the eye paint ended up looking almost the same as the factory eye paint.

He still needs weathering and a weapon upgrade courtesy of Subway’s 24 Hero set (can’t wait for that fig).

blooddiamond_figure blooddiamond_face


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