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Haohmaru – 1:6 action figure custom – Samurai Shodown

Here’s a custom 1/6th scale figure of Haohmaru from the famous 16-bit videogame series by SNK, Samurai Shodown (aka Samurai Spirits). Without question, Sam Sho is my fave fighting game series of the 16-bit videogame era. The supreme pixel art, the music, the mood and the overall style were just unbeatable for their day and still hold up nowadays. Here’s my tribute to the hero of the series, Haohmaru.

In terms of visual style, I wanted to mimic the original Samurai Shodown concept art which has an “anime yet still somewhat realistic” style.

I made the clothes and sculpted the base. The head is a recast of a Medicom superhero head but with new sculpting to give the Haohmaru feel.

haohmaru samurai shodown custom figure 1
Behind the scemes. Sculpted on hair and rescullpted the expression.

James Bond 007 Daniel Craig in Casino Royale Finale 1/6 custom figure

Here’s a simple custom figure of Daniel Craig as James Bond 007 in the finale of Casino Royale (or opening of Quantum of Solace).

Even though Quantum of Solace is supposed to pick up immediately from the ending of Casino Royale, the filmmakers changed suit providers between films, so the style of Bond’s suit actually changed. I’ve chosen a 1:6 suit that is a hybrid of both: 3-piece dark navy pinstripe like from Casino Royale, but with a very fitted, modern cut like from Quantum.

(click images to enlarge)

The “lake cuomo villa steps” stand / base is the very first base I ever sculpted, even before the Conan the Barbarian base I posted over a year ago. I was never happy with it (the steps are too curved), but it’ll do for now. I still need to add a Casino Royale label onto it!

The HK UMP weapon is made from Dragon Models parts, then given a repaint. I’m pleased with how the metallic texture came out on the silencer, but not so much the body of the weapon. I know the body is supposed to be a polymer, but without the metal effect it just comes out looking plastic toy-like.

And finally, here it is on my shelf of suited killers. I think it’s time to get more shelves..

Conan The Barbarian Marvel Comics-style 1/6 Scale Figure 12″

Know, O prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Atlantis, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars. Hither came Conan the Cimmerian, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of the Earth under his sandalled feet.


One of my fondest memories growing up was hanging out with an older neighborhood kid and reading his stash of Savage Sword of Conan comics. I’d sit there reading for hours and be totally captivated by the incredible art, exotic characters, and savage (way too savage for a little kid really) stories. They blew my young mind. Now that I’m old and sotted, I sometimes get that nostalgic yearning for simpler times, and a Conan figure hits that sweet spot between nostalgia & my current hobbies (1:6 figures). Though there are plenty of Arnold movie Conans out there, I was determined to create a fantasy-painting-style Conan figure to commemorate those fond times. A tip of the hat to Joe Jusko, John Buscema, Earl Norem, and all of the other artists who so vividly brought Conan to life and who inspire me to this day!


  1. On a fantasy Conan figure, the muscles / physique are the whole point of the figure. They’re not a supporting element, but the main event. A Phicen body will not do, it’s too small, too realistically sized, too soft. I don’t mind visible joints either as long as they are tightly fitted and keep the silhouette of the figure. I ended up spending oodles of time creating a massively muscular body by combining parts from several figures + sculpting what I couldn’t find.
  2. The headsculpt doesn’t need to look like Marvel artwork (Jusko/Buscema art) but must achieve the same feel: Robust facial structure yet a little gaunt (ie, not that well fed). Not old, but not so young that it looks in any way naive or soft. Serious and grim without looking totally evil. Naturally, a glorious lion’s mane of hair is needed, and only real hair will allow the range of motion needed.
  3. Clothing must accomodate the body, not the other way around. Since most commercial clothing and gear wouldn’t fit on the huge body, I ended up scratchbuilding much of it instead.

Anyways, I’ve worked on some form of this figure for over 5 years. It’s gone through many iterations, originally being much more cartoony, but the current iteration was done in the last 2 years. In that time, I learned to sculpt and paint better and even do light 3D CAD work to solve customization issues. Those in turn have opened up the possibilities of customizing for me (teach a man to fish & all that). I hope that you like it.

(Sorry for the hodge podge pictures. I really need to setup a proper photo station & get a good SLR

Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure full
Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure axe half
Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure axe and head
Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure close up
Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure mid view
Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure custom stand base
Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure axe closeup
Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure decapitated head

Conan the Barbarian 12-inch figure 300



Head – DCD Dr Manhattan – resculpt forehead, added real hair

Body – DCD Dr Manhattan chest & legs, ACE waist, Marvel Icons Wolverine shoulders & biceps
– Sculpted: Forearms, neck, traps, nipples
– Feet are 3d printed, ankles are the shoulders from a 6″ wrasslin’ figure (this creates marvel legends-style rocker ankles)
– Hands are from Enterbay NBA ballers. They’re big but don’t have gripping hands, so I drilled a hole into a fist and resculpted the fingers around it.

Kidney belt & bracelets – Scratchbuilt from clear box packaging, apoxie sculpt, wire

Swordbelt – Boromir, weathered

Loincloth – Made from white cotton, dyed, cut & weathered, with an elastic waistband

Sandals – Scratchbuilt

Necklace – HT Predator

Axe – Phicen, repainted to brown leather, added blood effects

Base – Sculpted from pottery clay

Rocks – Styrofoam

Decapitated head – He Man figure, sculpted on neck and eyelid, added hair, repainted


DCD feet were too small, so I replaced with 3D printed feet (which were also much better sculpted). Added shoulders from a 1:12 WWE figure to create Marvel “rocker ankles”. Sandal bottoms are the bottom of a 12″ wrestler figure’s boots:

Many variations on the kidney belt and loin cloth design were tried:

Demon head from original to v1. I felt the wide open eye was too cartoony, so I sculpted a more closed eyelid onto it eventually:

My first time sculpting stonework and first time using regular clary. It was actually quite fun, though regular clay shrinks a LOT when it’s dry. On the plus side, it holds detail better than anything I’ve seen:

Iori Yagami from The King of Fighters 1:6 Custom Figure

Hi Guys! Here’s Iori Yagami, one of the marquee characters from the long-running King of Fighters videogame series. He’s been in almost every KOF game since the series started in 1994 and is definitely the series’ most popular original male character (Terry Bogard was from Fatal Fury, not KOF). He wields the telekinetic powers of the Orochi flame and serves as the antagonist/frenemy to series hero, Kyo Kusanagi.

I’ll level with you: I don’t use Iori when I play KOF. He’s cool but never been my fave. However, I came across Hot Toys’ old & really crappy year 2000 Iori figure for a cheap price and I wanted to see if it was possible to salvage it. Hard to believe now, but Hot Toys sucked back then – this was before they hired world class customizers for their design team – so I thought it would be a nice challenge to improve on it. Google “Hot Toys Iori” to see the original figure.

The original HT pieces left are the black jacket, white shirt, and pants. I refit the clothes slightly, replaced snaps with thin velcro, rearranged buttons, and cleaned/starched the whole thing. The material is still too thick, but the work to fix that would be so extreme that I may as well sew clothes from scratch. The hair is also from the original figure, but repainted and hollowed out. I made the neck choker.
Head is recast & sculpted over VeryCool head. Hands are from misc brands. Flames are Japanese hobby flame dio pieces.

I had to repaint the hair, head, and body several times to get the right look and style. If you look closely, the first picture is actually from an older paint job so you can see the hair has less shading & detail. It just didn’t look good, so I redid again in more of a PlayArts style with the over-the-top gradients. ūüôā

Thanks for looking!






Cool guys must turn away when you’re speaking with them, you see. ūüôā


Bill from Left 4 Dead (L4D) 12″ Custom Action Figure

Hi Everyone! Here’s a custom 1:6-scale figure of William “Bill” Overbeck from my favourite zombie game of all time, Left 4 Dead! L4D was the first and only game to make me feel real fear, tension, panic and excitement — I felt like I was actually in a zombie apocalypse. Needless to say, it freaked me out. No game has accomplished that since! It also taught me that I’d likely go nuts from tension (laughing uncontrollably, guns blazing) in that kind of extreme life-or-death situation if I’m not well-prepared for it. ūüėČ

Anyways, Bill is one of the 4 memorable heroes from the game, he’s a crusty Vietnam vet & all-around bad ass. As you can imagine, this game holds a special place in my heart, so I really tried to do the character justice. I’ve been planning a figure of him since the game came out, over 7 years ago!

Beret – BBI, colored, printed & glued new special forces patch (De Oppresso Liber!)
Head – Kaustic Plastik, slight painting to bring out lines in face
Cigarette – Wire from a trash twisty tie, rolled in apoxie sculpt, painted (the wire sticks out and makes it easy to subtly insert into head plus change the angle of the cig)
Body – Enterbay old guy body, repainted to match head’s color
Jacket – Dragon, re-colored, weathered
Shirt – Fodder, weathered
Pants – Sideshow, heavily weathered
Boots – ACE, heavily weathered
M16 – BBI, added the light & pressure pad, repainted & weathered

Thanks for looking!

Bill L4D left 4 dead custom action figure 12"

Bill L4D left 4 dead custom action figure 12"

Bill L4D left 4 dead custom action figure 12"

Bill L4D left 4 dead custom action figure 12"

Bill L4D left 4 dead custom action figure 12"

Bill L4D left 4 dead custom action figure 12"

Bill L4D left 4 dead custom action figure 12"

Dead Rising Frank West 12″ Custom Figure (1:6-scale)

Does anybody else remember Capcom’s Dead Rising? It was an early Xbox 360 videogame and one of the first major zombie games of the new millennium. Here’s my take on the game’s hero, investigative reporter Frank West. Frank’s an abrasive and sarcastic kind of guy but he has a heart of gold and does the right thing when it counts. He’s one of the few characters of that generation of gaming that I still remember, so that’s gotta count for something.

For this figure, I tried to recreate the look of the game where the characters look blocky, yet have realistic skin textures. The head is a crazy dummy (i think) head which I re-sculpted to look cartoonier and irritated, just like Frank. Chainsaw is some Power Team POS that I repainted and weathered.

Anyways, here’s a preview. I’ll shoot better pix once I’ve weathered & re-done all of the zombies for my shelf dio.

12" Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom - medium shot

12" Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom - shelf dio, surrounded by zombies 2
12″ Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom – shelf dio, surrounded by zombies 2

12" Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom - all weapons & base
12″ Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom – all weapons & base

12" Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom - Power Team chainsaw repaint
12″ Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom – Power Team chainsaw after repaint & weathering but before blood

12" Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom - chainsaw medium shot
12″ Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom – medium shot with chainsaw

12" Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom - surrounded by zombies
12″ Dead Rising custom action figure Frank West Capcom – surrounded by zombies, shelf dio

Barracuda from Punisher MAX – 1:6 Custom Muscle Figure


MAX is Marvel Comics’ mature comics arm. MAX allows creators to re-interpret famous Marvel characters without worrying about the ratings board or appealing to kids. It produced one of the greatest comic runs in history: Garth Ennis’ The Punisher (2004-2008). Over 60 issues, Ennis takes the basic Punisher idea WAY beyond its simple vigilante origins. It deftly weaves in commentary on Iran Contra, corporate greed, human trafficking, Vietnam, Russian warrior mentality, Afghanistan, and more. Yet it all feels like a natural extension of the Punisher story and still remains a gruesome, lurid pulp fiction tale. Highly recommended.


Presented here is my take on Barracuda (aka ‘Cuda), the Punisher’s most fearsome enemy throughout the series. Barracuda’s fun-loving exterior masks an utterly ruthless and cunning personality. Abandoned at an early age by an abusive father, ‘Cuda fought his way through juvenile facilities and eventually joined the US army during the Vietnam War. There, the military (and later CIA) found a use for his savage talents and he spent the next 2 decades fighting in clandestine operations all over the world. Upon leaving the military, ‘Cuda found success as a contractor/assassin/man who gets dirty jobs done until meeting The Punisher, Frank Castle. Their first meeting leaves Cuda blind in one eye, missing a few fingers and obsessed with revenge. This sets the two men on a collision course that leads to a bloody, brutal conclusion.


I was going for an extremely cartoony look with this figure. I wanted cartoony, bulky proportions. In the end, the skin detailing on the arms was a little more realistic that I intended, but live and learn. Initially, I gave him short legs and a huge torso like the comic, but it just didn’t look right in 3D, so I made him taller.


I have to admit that I finished most of this figure in 2010-11, then abandoned it for years. Once I finished the interesting parts (ie, things I’ve never done before) like the custom muscle bod and large clothing, I lost interest. Over time, I tweaked things like extending the legs for better proportions and improved the paint finish, but it wasn’t until this year that I really resolved to finish and photograph it. You can see its companion figure, The Punisher, that I posted a few years ago here.

Head: WWE wrestler, recast and de-haired.
Body: Combination of DC Deluxe, Marvel arms, BBI legs, and recast forearms from wrestlers. The elbows are Spiderman’s knees!
Jeans: 1:6 farmers overalls that I turned into regular baggy jeans.
Boots: BBI reshaped & repainted
M60: Some undersized gashapon piece of crap, but it was the only M60 I found that didn’t break apart upon the slightest touch (Hot Toys, I’m looking at you)









Height comparison with DID first generation body (which is taller than most bodies):



Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Fast and Furious’ Agent Hobbs 12″ Figure

Here’s a 12″ custom figure of DSS Agent Hobbs aka Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock from the 2011 film, Fast Five. ¬†The Rock was the best thing about the¬†movie and helped revitalize the entire The Fast & The Furious franchise. He also played the same character to great effect in the sequels, Furious 6 and Furious 7.

I used Hot Toys’ 1/6th¬†G.I. Joe Retaliation Roadblock figure as a base. ¬†Unfortunately, Hot Toys gave that figure a much thinner neck and body than the real Dwayne Johnson in order to fit the body armor & clothing better. ¬†So for my figure, I had to modify the body proportions to better match The Rock’s huge, muscular physique.

The holster was designed in a 3D CAD program and printed it at Shapeways. It came out perfectly! It fits the pistol down to the milimeter — I’m amazed at the precision of computer aided design! If you care about such things, the holster is a Safariland Model 002 “Cup Challenge” Competition Holster and the revolver is a Dan Wesson PPC .357.

Head: Hot Toys (lengthened beard to match Fast Five goatee)
Body: Hot Toys (widened neck, added traps & lats, made taller)
Shirt: Ebay
Pants: Very Hot (lowered waist by 1/2″, took in all seams)
Boots: DAMToy
Pistol: Sideshow
Holster: Custom 3D Printed Safariland Model 002 “Cup Challenge” Competition Holster
Gloves: Sideshow (converted to fingerless, change angle of trigger hand)
DSS Badge: Dragon Models DML

therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_00b therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_04_goateetherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_03 therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_07_pistoltherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_02therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_08_holstertherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_09_modstherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_05_bodytherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_00therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_10_height

The Celebrity Lookalike 12″ Figure Database is under construction! Check out customs in the meantime!

I know what you’re really here for: The database of 12″ figure headsculpts that look like celebrities. ¬†Sadly, that section is still under (re)construction. ¬†A lot has changed since the original website launched in the 1990’s! ¬†Nowadays, Hot Toys and other brands release officially licensed 1:6-scale 12″ figures that sports incredible likenesses of actors and celebrities. ¬†No longer are the best celebrity likenesses relegated to unofficial & unlicensed figures. ¬† The biggest action blockbusters almost always get a spectacular set of 12″ figures. ¬†However, manufacturers still release head sculpts that bear ¬†unofficial yet uncanny resemblances to actors and celebrities and that is where this website will come into play. ¬† Stay tuned…

In the meantime, I’ve put up a sample of my own custom figures throughout the years. ¬†Working on these figures is one of the reasons I haven’t updated the head database in so long. ¬†A man only has so much free time. ¬†Have a look and check back periodically for updates!

Geese Howard 1/6th Figure from The King of Fighters Videogames

Geese Howard is the main villain from the classic arcade / videogame series The King Of Fighters & Fatal Fury from SNK. The crime boss of the fictional South Town, Geese lords over the city from high atop his skyscraper, Geese Tower. He would be a forgettable late 1980’s villain were it not for the way his design ingeniously combines multiple villain archetypes of that era. He’s a muscular blonde fighting giant (think Dolph Lundgren) and cocky corporate businessman (think evil Wall Street raiders, Kingpin) who wears traditional Japanese clothes (think samurai/ninja movies) who always has at least one floor of his skyscraper decorated like an ancient Japanese temple. The visual design is striking and his in-game moves are typically aggressive and mean-looking. Overall, I just think Geese Howard is a cool-looking character and I’m happy to create what I believe is the first 12″ figure of him ever made.

Clothes – Handmade
Head – Medicom military, resculpted expression heavily to create his signature evil smirk
Body – DC Deluxe with resculpted neck and upper chest
Hands – DC and WWE