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Previews of new and upcoming 12″ figure releases

The Celebrity Lookalike 12″ Figure Database is under construction! Check out customs in the meantime!

I know what you’re really here for: The database of 12″ figure headsculpts that look like celebrities.  Sadly, that section is still under (re)construction.  A lot has changed since the original website launched in the 1990’s!  Nowadays, Hot Toys and other brands release officially licensed 1:6-scale 12″ figures that sports incredible likenesses of actors and celebrities.  No longer are the best celebrity likenesses relegated to unofficial & unlicensed figures.   The biggest action blockbusters almost always get a spectacular set of 12″ figures.  However, manufacturers still release head sculpts that bear  unofficial yet uncanny resemblances to actors and celebrities and that is where this website will come into play.   Stay tuned…

In the meantime, I’ve put up a sample of my own custom figures throughout the years.  Working on these figures is one of the reasons I haven’t updated the head database in so long.  A man only has so much free time.  Have a look and check back periodically for updates!