Dwayne The Rock Johnson as Fast and Furious’ Agent Hobbs 12″ Figure

Here’s a 12″ custom figure of DSS Agent Hobbs aka Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock from the 2011 film, Fast Five.  The Rock was the best thing about the movie and helped revitalize the entire The Fast & The Furious franchise. He also played the same character to great effect in the sequels, Furious 6 and Furious 7.

I used Hot Toys’ 1/6th G.I. Joe Retaliation Roadblock figure as a base.  Unfortunately, Hot Toys gave that figure a much thinner neck and body than the real Dwayne Johnson in order to fit the body armor & clothing better.  So for my figure, I had to modify the body proportions to better match The Rock’s huge, muscular physique.

The holster was designed in a 3D CAD program and printed it at Shapeways. It came out perfectly! It fits the pistol down to the milimeter — I’m amazed at the precision of computer aided design! If you care about such things, the holster is a Safariland Model 002 “Cup Challenge” Competition Holster and the revolver is a Dan Wesson PPC .357.

Head: Hot Toys (lengthened beard to match Fast Five goatee)
Body: Hot Toys (widened neck, added traps & lats, made taller)
Shirt: Ebay
Pants: Very Hot (lowered waist by 1/2″, took in all seams)
Boots: DAMToy
Pistol: Sideshow
Holster: Custom 3D Printed Safariland Model 002 “Cup Challenge” Competition Holster
Gloves: Sideshow (converted to fingerless, change angle of trigger hand)
DSS Badge: Dragon Models DML

therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_00b therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_04_goateetherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_03 therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_07_pistoltherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_02therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_08_holstertherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_09_modstherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_05_bodytherock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_00therock_dwaynejohnson_fastfive_figure_12-inch_10_height